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Creative Video and Film Production in London and South East

Praxima - Video production company with a difference

//-- Engaging and Entertaining Video Production

Video production can be a difficult beast to tame and with so many film production companies offering their services it can be challenging to find a corporate video company that has all the tools.

With our HQ based just outside of London, motion graphics, events, corporate video and web video are all done within Praxima and all productions are completed to a quality and excellence your brand would be proud to host on your company's home page.

//-- The solution for your video and film production needs

Unlike a lot of film production companies in and around London and the South East, we have a corporate video facility that has all the resources to take a production from its beginnings right though to post-production. This means we don’t have to outsource our motion graphics or hire freelancers for video editing, ensuring a hugely high standard throughout the video production process. This in turn saves costs and these savings are passed onto our clients.

//-- A video company utilising film techniques and principles

These days anyone can pick up a camera and edit together a short web video but a bad quality corporate video can destroy the image and reputation of a brand or company you’ve spent years to establish. Praxima prides its self in upholding to the strictest quality control standards no matter what the budget. Whether it’s for a large multinational based in London or an up and coming brand looking for a creative web video, our films represent us as much as they represent our clients.

//-- Praxima - More than just a creative team

We’re not just a standard video production company, although it’s corny to say, we truly are a family and as such we put our heart and soul into every corporate video and film we produce. We go that extra mile to put in the extra time in each production to turn a great web video into an epic one.

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//-- About us

Praxima coined the phrase ‘The Purveyors of Marvellousness’ as nothing in the English dictionary could explain our video production awesomeness. We’re a brilliant, creative, fun team and we’re here to make you look good.

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